Dreams, Drugs and Depression

Inner revolution, a radical re-orientation that supports the emergence of our individual, unique nature, which must, by definition, be essentially In the context of individual therapy this perspective suggests that therapists rid themselves of as much theory and technique as possible. Consequently, psychotherapy ought to concentrate on ways to help individuals connect with their own genius, their own distinctiveness and way of being the world. A process I have come to call “When we really begin to work with and understand our dreams, we find that they deeply respect and support individual differences and they are tireless in promoting the process of freeing the Peter, a nerdy computer programmer in his early forties, hated his job and the company he worked for.It was just getting dark and I was standing outside and realized that there had been a nuclear war.  Then three, white Atlas rockets landed like space ships, the kind that carry nuclear warheads.  A strange, green glow came from the doorways.After working on Peter’s dream using the outside world’s remedy he had chosen as well as the actual, From this dream he began to rethink his approach to his depression.depressing his hopes and dreams and his   Peter’s dream helped him redirect his life by illuminating foreign influences that ironically were preventing him from getting to the heart of what his depression really intended:More and more research points to the conclusion that following the path of conformity, not depress the real aspects of who we are in order to conform to outside rules and expectations, we then feel depressed because we have buried and repressed our passion and creativity in favor of adaptation to what we believe we should do and be based on family and social pressures. Depression then becomes a very real consequence and symptom of an [i]

No matter what ails us, our dreams can become the ingredients creating the healing elixir; Dreams are indeed gateways into the Royal City, our passport into the Special World — and most important, our passport into a meaningful life that makes a difference.

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