About Us

Conscious Living Co-Creations is a media company dedicated to promoting consciousness in human beings and peace on our planet.

It all began with a vision back in 1989. Patricia Hamilton (our founder, director and publisher) saw the need for a new magazine – for the people. A magazine that would dispel the myth that ‘spiritual = hippie’. A magazine that would communicate global perspectives on natural medicine, food and fitness, eco-living, self development, metaphysics and spirituality, lifestyle and livelihood, and popular culture.

Back then it was a very brave move. Much of the cultural focus at that time was on material gain and social status. That first edition of Conscious Living was one of a kind in a very conservative media world. It contained material on spirituality and natural medicine … subjects considered at that time to be somewhat ‘esoteric’ and undoubtedly ‘hippie’. Patricia did achieve her dream though. Her vision came to fruition. She created a magazine that sparked the ‘connectedness’ of all human beings by providing them with an interesting and accessible source of information (and fun!) to feed the yearnings of their souls.

Today, Conscious Living is Australia’s most exciting and long-standing natural health, lifestyle and environment magazine, having risen in stature to become one of the grandmothers of alternative health publications worldwide. Published quarterly we continue to provide our readers with ground-breaking articles featuring scientific, intelligent information on subjects ranging from modern health remedies and treatments, to spirituality, to respected celebrity profiles and new product launches.

It doesn’t stop there though. Patricia’s vision has evolved to include exhibitions, seminars, and now an internet portal to bring together the best resources for living consciously on the planet today. Her dream this time is to communicate the Conscious Living ethos to the global community at large … to make it available to everyone, everywhere.

We invite you to connect your vision with Conscious Living. Contact us to discuss how we can help co-create your dream.